Cambodia today is characterized by weak accountability and rife corruption as well as poor enforcement of the rule of law. The highly centralized nature of the Cambodian state reduces the ability of citizens to influence issues that directly affect their lives. The distance between local protest and national government is vast (World Bank, Program for Enhancing Capacity of Social Accountability report).


60% of ID Poor families have become members of VDA and have confidence to claim their rights towards duty-bearers.

Key Approaches:

  • Empower ID Poor families through capacity development on leadership, good governance, conflict resolution, problem solving, and communication skills and providing them knowledge on human rights and people politics.

  • Promote role models of ID Poor families exercising their rights by their participation in social activities and community development especially in decision making concerning their livelihood situation

  • Provide good quality of knowledge and skills on safe migration to VDA to get them better prepared when they go to work for generating incomes outside the target area.

  • Work to support the creation and operation of independent civil society structures in parallel with the structures of local authorities so that the right holders can communicate and deal with their duty bearers effectively.

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