Health is still an issue in the target area. The assessment report conducted by PNKS in the target area of PNKS in mid-2010 showed that many epidemic diseases occurring such as diarrhoea, dengue fever, and measles to lack sanitation, lack of sanitation drinking water, poor environment around the houses, too much use the chemical fertilizer, 6.26% of the parent in Preah Sdach still not bring their children for vaccination (age from 6 – 12 months). There is no controlled mechanism to private medicine shops from the government, which effect to people's health that buys and uses the medicine which is expired and or fake.


60% of ID Poor families reported their health condition improved.

Key Approaches:

  • Strengthen and promote serious practicing of good personal hygiene by individuals in households of ID Poor families.

  • Increase public awareness and participation for creating clean environment in the communities or public areas of the communities.

  • Increase the knowledge and practice of using healthy foods especially for women and children of ID Poor families.

  • Strengthen networking of VDAs/CDAs, OD, PHD, and other NGOs.

Related to Case Study:

Mr. Em Pak - Head of Lvea Health Center: A New Health Center
Location: Lvea Commune, Preah Sdach District, Prey Veng Province

Please download Health caes study: download pdf